The science of building an incredible, environmentally friendly, tech smart home at an amazing value, allowing Better Building Technologies customers peace of mind having chosen a better builder, a better home, and a better life.

As an ENERGY STAR builder

We’ve made it a priority to build our homes in a way that should help customers save on their energy bills and protect our natural resources, without sacrificing features, style or comfort. As an ENERGY STAR Homeowner, you’ll be a part of this national conservation effort.

Energy Star

As an ENERGY STAR Homeowner, you’ll be a part of a national effort that’s helping to save enough energy to power more than 20 million homes and remove the emissions equivalent to those from 25 million vehicles

Better Insulation

Not only does your ENERGY STAR certified home have more insulation than a code-built home but it’s been installed properly and inspected before the walls were closed up. Properly installed insulation makes a big difference in the overall performance of your home

Better Heating & Cooling

Did you know that air leaks, caused by leaky ductwork, can account for up to 30% of the heating and cooling loss in a typical home? Mastic sealed ductwork and performance testing are required in every home that receives the ENERGY STAR label.

Better Lights & Appliances

The ENERGY STAR qualified bulbs and fixtures included in your home will reduce your lighting costs by up to 75%. Plus, the ENERGY STAR bulbs will last up to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs.